Aerosol Dry Shampoos vs. Powder-Based Dry Shampoos: What You Need To Know

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Dry shampoos have made it so easy to clean your hair when you are short of time or when you do not feel like shampooing your hair.

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And for your convenience, these are available two varieties:

  • Spray-based dry shampoos (aerosol dry shampoos)
  • Powder-based dry shampoos

Have you ever used these to clean your hair? Which one do you find more effective in its usage?

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Well, if you haven’t used any or both of these products, here is a comparative guide with essential features of aerosol dry shampoos and powder-based dry shampoos to help you out in choosing the best one:

  • Aerosol Dry Shampoos:

If you ever get a chance to see the celebs and fashion models getting their hair done before a shot, you would see several sprays being used.

While some of these could be hair sprays, others may be dry shampoos which are used to extract the extra oil and impurities out of the hair. All these aerosol-based dry shampoos are quick hair-cleaning solutions and need just a bit of brushing afterwards to get a good outcome.

However, spray dry shampoos do come with some precautions.

For instance, if you use it yourself, you need to maintain at least a six-inch space between the spray point and your hair. Also, these sprays are not good for people with allergies, due to the powder being released in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, these spray-based aerosol dry shampoos can be a bit costlier than their closest counterparts (i.e. powder-based dry shampoos).

  • Powder Based Dry Shampoos:

Powder-based natural dry shampoos involve the manual application of the product instead of spraying it on your hair and scalp.

These are specifically available for almost every type of hair and if you get your dry shampoos from a good store, you can ensure features such as:

  • Noresidue at your roots
  • No powdery hair
  • No aerosols (hence no risk of a reaction)
  • All natural ingredients
  • Available in your hair tone
  • Offer a light fragrance to your hair

Thus, powder-based dry shampoos are a quick and easy way to clean your hair. Though, it may take a bit of extra time than spray-based shampoos to get clear, oil-free, and fresh hair.

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So if you are about to purchase dry shampoos for light hair or dark, make sure to know the specifications of the types of products well. And besides this, make sure you purchase your products from a reliable store only for the best results.

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