Get To Know More About Biohazard Waste Disposal In Maryland


Biohazard waste is referred to as infectious waste such as blood, body fluids, and human cell lines that is generally contaminated with potentially infectious agents or other materials that are supposed to create danger for public health or the environment. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of this waste, it is imperative to practice safest waste disposal techniques for the same. Not doing so can create havoc for the general public as infection from this waste spreads rapidly.

To ensure proper health safety of the society, it is mandatory that the Contaminated bio-hazard waste must be collected by a licensed bio-hazardous waste handler. Bio-hazard waste is typically classified into following categories:

SHARPS – It includes hypodermic needles, blades, and slides used for medical purpose.

Dry bio-hazardous waste

  • Contaminated cultures, petrify dishes, and other culture flasks
  • Infectious agents
  • Wastes from bacteria, viruses, spores, or live and attenuated vaccines
  • Excretion waste
  • Paper towels, bench paper

Liquid bio-hazardous waste

  • Human or animal blood
  • Human or animal blood elements
  • Human or animal bodily fluids or semi-liquid materials

Human anatomical samples

Animal carcasses and body parts if exposed to bio-hazardous materials

As most of the bio-hazardous waste is generated from healthcare centers, they need to be carefully monitored to ensure the generated waste is being disposed off safely and adequately. But is not just about disposal, there are various things that are done before disposing it off. For example, segregation of waste is utmost necessary and should be done carefully.

There are various waste management companies operating in the region that strive to make the best possible management of hazardous waste to keep the city clean and healthy for citizens. Though we may not notice the same but these companies play a pivotal role in keeping our atmosphere clean and sustainable. With the increasing dependency on industries and ready made products, there has been a huge prospect of generating more and more hazardous waste.

Healthcare facilities of any size and type are required to ensure timely and proper disposal of hazardous waste and local governments take a cautious approach in this regard. It is also necessary to adopt the most effective and safer way to treat this contaminated waste. With newer technologies leading to advanced treatment methods, we can easily say that we are heading towards making the optimum use of technology to create a safe and healthy future for our heirs.

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