How To Follow-Up After A Slip And Fall Case

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It’s quite embarrassing to experience a slip and fall at some place; isn’t it?

Normally, a person would get up, look right and left if someone took note of it, and continue on the path.

However, not every slip-and-fall case is as simple as this and many people encounter serious physical injuries in the accidents. Who is at fault in the case?

If you think you slipped due to some issues in the building, wet floors, lack of signs or lack of proper lighting, you are absolutely not liable for the medical bills, pains, and wages lost on account of it.

In fact, you can hire a slip and fall attorney and get their assistance. Here is a step-wise procedure you need to follow when you encounter a slip-and-fall accident:

STEP 1: Get Medical Attention Immediately

medical helpOf course, your health comes first. And needless to inform, you need to get good medical assistance immediately after you experience a slip and fall before you think of anything else.

If you are capable enough, visit a healthcare center yourself or get help from others for the process.

Keep all your medical records, bills, test results etc. safe with you to ensure smooth legal procedures afterwards.

STEP 2: Report The Case

It doesn’t matter whether the slip and fall accident takes place at a store, in a building, on a sidewalk, or someone’s house, you need to report the matter to the concerned person or authority.

If possible, get details of what went wrong in writing before you leave the place.

STEP 3: Get All The Required Information

If there are eye-witnesses, collect their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Their statements as a digital record or in writing can also prove helpful.

Plus, do not forget to take pictures of the area including the elements that led to the accident. Make sure the pictures have time and date on them. These would be the most conclusive pieces of evidence in terms of your case.

STEP 4: Do Not Communicate or Post Anything

It’s important that you do not indulge in any unwanted communications with the property manager or owner and not even accept the ‘Sorry’.

Plus, avoid posting anything on social media as this could turn up to be a big issue in the future.

STEP 5: Get Help From An Expert Lawyer

attorney helpAs soon as you get the reasonable medical relief, call an expert slip and fall attorney in your region and discuss the matter with them.

Offer them all the details and the evidence etc. that you possess. Get knowledge about the compensations you can obtain against the losses you have suffered.

In fact, a good slip and fall attorney would himself/herself inform you about all the aspects of the case and offer every assistance that you demand.

And if you reside in Philadelphia, you can get every assistance from a good law firm such as ‘Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC’ which offers expert auto accident attorneys, slip-and-fall attorneysand other personal injury attorneys to assist your case.

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