How To Know That Your UPS Needs A Battery Replacement

What is the average lifespan of UPS batteries? Normally, the batteries last for about 3 to 5 years, but yet, you cannot say this too confidently.

And while the batteries near their end age, it is important to get them replaced timely for better performance. However, how do you deem the UPS batteries to have reached their old age?

Here are some important elements that you need to keep in mind:

UPS Power Supply


Load & Drain of UPS Batteries

The load on UPS batteries is inversely proportional to its life period. Most of the UPSs have sealed lead-acid batteries and these could be subjected to damages due to full drain.

If you perform regular load tests that drain them or if the power gets lost for the extended period of time, you may need to replace the batteries as early as 3 years.

Maintenance & Check 

Do not expect to get results from a crystal ball. You need to maintain your UPS properly

The UPS power supply system needs proper maintenance and you need to perform this with the help of your user manual. UPS batteries perform the best when offered adequate care and are managed well.

Thus, making simple and proactive plans can actually help you in the process.

Besides, maintenance and checkup are also essential for the batteries, even if they mention ‘maintenance-free’. And as a rule of thumb, checking and recharging your lead-acid batteries every three months could offer a lot of assistance.


Swollen batteries are often a sign that you need new batteries for your UPS and normally, batteries get swollen due to overcharging them.

In case the battery gets completely charged but still gets an excessive amount of current flowing through it, it will soon get heated and this leads to expansion. No wonder, a swollen battery is the most obvious sign of a worn out battery and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Besides, the inspection would also help you come across the signs of corrosion in the battery. You can either clean them or the battery can be replaced.

UPS Battery Replacement

However, whether you opt for UPS battery replacement, service, or expert maintenance, if you are not too confident about yourself, it is better to get help from the experts.

You can get assistance from professional UPS installers and maintenance experts to get all the assistance with respect to your UPS and stay away from any sort of troubles.


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