Medical Waste Disposal in North Carolina

medical waste container

Medical waste is typically referred to as the waste generated by healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pathologists, and others. This kind of waste is also known as biohazard waste as it contains some organisms that pose threat to human lives and increase the chances of disease infection to people. Considering its severity, its proper and safest disposal is the need of the hour and there are several biohazard waste disposal companies in North Carolina that work day and night incessantly to promote healthier and cleaner surroundings.

laboratory waste

Similar to hazardous waste, medical waste tends to pose threat if exposed to the general public or environment in an unprocessed form. Several kinds of medical waste pose different dangers. Engineers, scientists, and industrial hygienists have come up with a range of ways to process medical waste. The selection of a particular process depends on the exact composition of the waste; one or more treatments can be used before final disposal.

Waste generators are typically classified into two categories: Small Quantity Generators (SQG) and Large Quantity Generators (LQG), basis the amount of medical waste produced on a monthly basis. LQGs generate a  minim of 200 pounds per month and typically include nursing homes, clinics, health departments, or laboratories. Physicians, dentists and veterinarians in private practice are more often considered as SQGs.

medical waste container

There are a range of methods available that biohazard waste disposal companies use to process medical waste before it gets ready for disposal. Medical waste is needed to be extracted non-infectious before it can be disposed of. This is extremely imperative for the health and safety of the population that may get exposed to the waste.

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