Medical Wastes And Hurricanes: How Do They Affect The Community?

We are well acquainted with how important it is to dispose of the medical waste according to the guidelines. Any form of negligence and it could lead to lots of catastrophic effects to the living and non-living community.

However, there are some incidences which are not under the control of human beings. Hurricanes are one such natural disasters.

Hurricanes often result in heavy rains and flooding of rivers which in turn make their way to the land. When the land gets washed, it sees a large amount of waste, including medical waste, swept up due to the effect of water.

No wonder, the water would contain toxic chemicals, dangerous heavy metals, microbes and other infectious products.

Apart from this, you can see the floating needles, syringes, bandages, human body wastes and other elements which were once disposed underground. And even after the water retreats back, it leaves behind all these unwanted elements on the land, making it unfavorable for the people.

As this happens, the leftover medical waste removal is almost as difficult as stopping the hurricanes.

Incidences Of Major Hurricanes Troubles:

There are four major incidences when hurricanes actually caused medical waste troubles:

  • The hurricane Harvey which hit Texas, brought some very heavy rains and wind. As a result, the town of Houston experienced 8 million cubic yards of wastes which contained lots of medical wastes as well.
  • The Hurricane Maria in St. Croix, US territory brought as much as 50,000 pounds of healthcare waste in only a single hospital facility.
  • In the same year and the same incident, Maria also brought lots and lots of household wastes and electronic wastes etc. apart from the medical wastes.
  • The Hurricane Katrina too hit the US and washed a good amount of untreated medical waste which later led to lots of issues.

Why Are Hurricanes Difficult To Mitigate?

In normal conditions, it is easy to consult a waste management agency for medical waste disposal in Greensboro etc., but hurricanes are altogether a distinct and a very monstrous concept.

Importantly, they are too powerful to be managed by human beings and could easily destroy the systems and infrastructure on which millions of people rely.

Due to this, getting befitting solutions for the management of medical wastes after hurricanes could be one of the most difficult things in the world. For instance, can you imagine picking 8 million contaminated needles out of a stack of waste which contains a good lot of regular household waste, electronic wastes, medical wastes and stack of drywall etc.?


Though the hurricanes are unstoppable, you can make sure to consult a good medical waste disposal agency that helps your dispose your generated waste effectively during the favorable periods.

When the waste gets it due treatment previously, it is less likely to show up and cause damages during natural disasters.

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