Responsibilities of a family law attorney in San Diego


As the name implies, a family law attorney in San Diego is meant to manage all legal issues related to any member of a family. These legal matters may include divorce, guardianship, child custody, etc. More often, family lawyers are known to portray as mediators when family disagreements emerge.

Let’s take a deeper look in the following article.

  1. The lawyer follows instructions

Your family lawyer should always pay heed to your words, provide you advice, receive instructions about what you want to do about your legal issue and then execute instructions. It is to keep in mind that you stay honest with your lawyer as their advice will rely on the information you furnish to them. After listening to you, your lawyer will provide you some advice. Occasionally, it may be hard for your lawyer to provide you legal advice straight away. They may need to do some research and enable advice to you later. Your lawyer carries a responsibility to advise you of all your options. You should consider the advice your lawyer gives you, however, the eventual decision about what you want to do, will be definitely yours.

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  1. He/she should maintain confidentiality

A majority of conversations with your lawyer will be intimate, which simply means that a lawyer cannot discuss your matter with public including the police or the court without your approval.

There are some cases where your lawyer may provide a person information about you or your case. For example, where:

  • A specific law needs them to
  • It will avoid a grave criminal offence from happening, or
  • Your safety or the safety of someone else is at risk.


  1. San Diego Divorce Lawyers Should Avoid conflicts of interest

A lawyer cannot work for you if:

  • They worked for the other person or people involved in the past and they have confidential information about them that might negatively affect their interests.
  • They are also acting for the other person or people involved, and they may not be able to act in the best interests of you both.
  • Your interests and the lawyer’s own interests clash.

If a lawyer performs any of the above, this could be a ‘conflict of interest’.

If the lawyer discovers a conflict of interest, they should make you aware of the same. If you think your lawyer may have a conflict of interest, you should discuss this with them.

Family Doctor

  1. The Family Lawyer Should Communicate Proficiently And In A Timely Fashion

When working for you, your lawyer has a responsibility to communicate precisely and efficiently. Your lawyer should give you timely updates about the movement of your case.


  1. They Should Act Fairly And In Your Best Interests

Your lawyer must always be honest with you, and your best interests must always be your lawyer’s primary concern. However, lawyers cannot act unlawfully or unfairly. Your lawyer must tell you their opinion about the fortes and weaknesses of your matter, and whether they think you have ‘reasonable chances of success’. This means whether you have a fair chance of winning your case.

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