Sharps Waste Disposal Virginia – Safety And Hygiene Together

Sharps waste is typically referred as a kind of infectious waste and entails syringes, needles, lancets, broken glass and any other materials that can be used to stab the skin. The mix of pathogen contamination and the ability to pierce through the skin’s protection make them one of the most hazardous wastes in the healthcare industry.


The major contributor of sharps waste is done by syringes from the 16 billion injections used each year. As vaccination is used to prevent a lot of diseases, more than half of the curative injections are not important as they could easily be replaced by oral medications.

The biggest problem on this regard is due to the reuse of syringes that affects millions of infections in case of HIV, hepatitis, and bacterial infections. To curb this, WHO strongly suggests the use of auto-disposal syringes during vacation. However, the reality is that they can still cause injury as around 20% of injuries happen during disposal.


Considering all the horrible facts, there emerges as acute need for sharps waste disposal in Virginia. Right from its collection to transportation and disposal, medical waste disposal is much more just a regular activity.

Today, many companies involved into medical waste disposal in Virginia place reusable containers made of aluminum that can be easily disinfected with their contents and can be back to use. There are hundreds of options available in this process that can be chosen to ensure comprehensive disposal of syringes and other kind of sharps waste disposal in Virginia.

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