Some Important Facts About U.S Immigration Policies And Proposed Changes

Do you know almost 34 million lawful immigrants reside in the United States?A large number of people live and work in the country after getting lawful permanent residence (also called a green card), while others obtain temporary visas accessible to students and workers. Moreover, around 1 million unauthorized immigrants carry temporary permission to live and work in the U.S. through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status programs.

In recent times, several proposals have been made to make the immigration system more transparent and appealing. Fortunately, these proposals got the much-desired attention of the Trump government. Now, before you consult a leading El Paso immigration attorney, let’s take a look at the running U.S immigration programs.


Family-Based Immigration

In the year 2016, 804,793 folks obtained family-based U.S. lawful permanent residence. This program enables a person to receive a green card if they already have a spouse, child, sibling or parent residing in the country with U.S. citizenship or, in some situations, a green card. Immigrants from nations with large numbers of applicants often wait for several years to get a green card because a single nation is eligible for not over 7% of all green cards allotted annually. President Donald Trump has proposed restricting family-based green cards to only spouses and minor children.

Refugee Admissions

The U.S. acknowledged 84,995 refugees in the year 2016, a figure that failed to 53,716 in fiscal 2017 – the scarcest admissions since 2007. This decay exhibits a lower admissions cover. For fiscal 2018, refugee admissions have been covered at 45,000, the lowermost since Congress brought the latest refugee program in 1980 for those fleeing harassment in their native countries. One of Trump’s first actions as president in 2017 was to check refugee admissions, taking into account the security concerns.

Job-Based Green Cards

In the financial year 2016-17, 137,893 employment-based green cards were allotted to overseas workers and their families. A Senate bill is meant to substitute the prevailing eligibility criteria with a point system just like the same that was suggested for family-based green cards. The new concept would remove a green card for immigrant investors who invest money into commercial U.S. businesses that are supposed to generate jobs or profit the economy. This path to a green card, the EB-5 program, has strained disparagement from some lawmakers.

Diversity Visas

Every year, almost 50,000 people get green cards through the U.S. diversity visa program, also called the visa lottery. When the program started in 1995, over 1 million immigrants got the green cards through the lottery.

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